CTF°1: IUL vs Gimme Ur Negligé

CTF°1 Autor: daRth | 23.11.2006

Server: st-server

CTF-Terra-LE1020 - 1
CTF-CoretCE1053 - 0
3:1 Unentschieden

Eingesetzte Spieler:
daRth, beurer, Rup, tyr0n, c0p, paralyzer, McBlack
Von Gimme Ur Negligé eingesetzte Spieler:


Das erste Spiel der IUL stand an und es ging gleich gegen nen harten Gegner -> GUN. In den letzten Trains hatten wir gegen die Jungs kaum Chancen, aber nunja... Terra und Coret waren die Maps... Servertesting gabs keins und jeder war zufrieden, außer vielleicht mit dem Ergebnis. Da ich zu faul bin, kopiere ich den Matchreport von Oooops und ergänze ein wenig.


0 - 1


Paralyzer (grab)
Tom-Chan (cover)
Beurer (defence base-entrance)
Rup/Darth (defence inbase)

Chaos/^sck/Xtrem (attack)
qVadice/Dark^Fact (defence inbase)

Both teams started out rather cautiously - SanTiTan with a third defender in their base, GUN by pulling back most of their team to help get back their flag in mid. SanTiTan attacked rather straightforward with a well-itemized Paralyzer as their solo-grabber and a well coordinated backup by Tom-Chan which gave them a lot of runs out into the midfield. GUN on the other hand attacked with 3 grabbers who spent a lot of time inside the enemy base trying to hide and sneak out at a favourable moment, thus keeping the SanTiTan flag off the spot and binding their defence inside the base. But they didn't reach the mid very often...

After some 15 minutes without a cap on either side I was getting worried about an eventual overtime and had to configure the overtime control while the match was continuing. Fortunately the server didn't protest =P SanTiTan had definitely had more chances of getting the flag into their base but GUN had an excellent teamplay when it came to getting back their flag in mid: Keeping the SanTiTan defenders busy looking for their flag, thus leaving the SanTiTan attackers a bit uncovered in midfield.

- Wir hatten jedoch eine gute Chance, wo ich (Beurer) bei uns oben am Lift gedropped habe, weil keiner den Typ hinter mir gekillt hat. Diese Situation war leider spielentscheidend...

With one or two minutes to spare I got the overtime working and then everything happened very fast, since nobody was expecting it I guess. GUN had another one of their grab-and-hide attacks by Chaos who grabbed the SanTiTan flag with less than a minute remaining and managed to completely lose the entire SanTiTan defence that had played without any major bungle-ups for 20 minutes.

Untouched, with little health and practically no cover, Chaos got to the large elevator where he was spotted but managed to get out high just as the clock reached zero and the overtime kicked in. Entering the midfield he got cover from one of his teammates. With his last remaining health (7), Chaos carried the flag through a killing frenzy in front of GUN's lower entrance where he eventually let out a sigh and dropped the precious piece of cloth between heaps of blood and bodyparts right in the doorway. While GUN|qVadice had a multikill, GUN|Dark^Fact sort of won the last-man-standing contest around the dropped flag, picked it up and carried it straight to their flagspot, capping some 30 seconds into the overtime and leaving everyone baffled over this unexpected sudden-death. 1-0 for GUN!!! Excellent defence by GUN|qVadice and GUN|Dark^Fact! GUN showed some heart on this map and had the luck they needed for this outcome. WP!! SanTiTan looked stronger all along but couldn't capitalize on their chances, mostly due to lack of backup for their attack in midfield and the lack of luck. GG!


3 - 0


Paralyzer/Cop (Attack)
Beurer (Cover)
McBlack/Tyron (defence)

Chaos/Xtrem (Attack)
^sck (backup)
qVadice/Dark^Fact (defence)

Same tactics and lineup on GUN's side for this map with qVadice and Dark^Fact on the defence again and the rest of their team attacking and helping out whenever they could. SanTiTan brought in 3 replacements for this map. Rup, Darth and Tom-Chan had to make room for tyron, mcblack and c0p.

And they really went on the offensive on this map. Beurer set up the first line of defence for SanTiTan - at the enemy's Rocket-area, sometimes stretching as far as the Flak-Room... Paralyzer and c0p, with the help of Beurer, managed to push the GUN-defence far back into their base, keeping them away from Rocket-launchers and Armors, and dealing the leaving GUN-attackers a great deal of pain... SanTiTan's control of the Amplifier was excellent, though GUN|^sck managed to steal a couple of those away from them. And SanTiTan usually put the amp to good use.

On the other side of the map everything was much more quiet. The thinned out attackers from GUN had to face 2 oldschool Coret-Defenders: Tyron and McBlack - who knew their job. The GUN-attackers usually had to get past them TWICE before they actually managed to lay eyes on the SanTiTan flag. Those two were stacked and waiting... Even though SanTiTan clearly had the edge right from the beginning, GUN fought back bravely and it took 6 minutes for the first cap to go through. Paralyzer opened the score with a solo-run for SanTiTan. 1-0 The defence on GUN's side increased due to the immense pressure and they had to save quite a few flags outside their base... It took SanTiTan another 8 minutes to cap again. This time it was a well covered solo-run by c0p. 2-0 and 6 minutes remaining. GUN didn't give up and fought back until the very end, but SanTiTan was simply too strong on this map. With 2 minutes remaining, Beurer took over the flag from c0p and capped SanTiTan to victory on this map.

3-0 Die Map war die ganze Zeit in unserer Hand und es gab 1-2 Runs von Gun die es zur Minigun Ammo geschafft haben. Sehr diszipliniert verteidigt und beherzt angegriffen mit sinnlosem Fraggen in der Mitte.



Tja, haetten wir gewinnen müssen, aber auf Terra hatten wir einfach nicht das Glück im Attack um Akzente zu setzen, aber wir sehen uns ja in der Clanbase wieder!

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